Vadim Markin
The founder of
children's shelters in Russia,
a charitable foundation for supporting families,
an international fund for helping children worldwide,
and two primary schools in the slums of Kenya.
+7 (985) 922 81 78
Африканский ребенок - фонд Children Must Live
international charity foundation "Children Must Live"
The mission of the charitable foundation–caring for children in danger around the globe: we provide humanitarian and financial aid to shelters, families, and nonprofits in need
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Африканский ребенок - фонд Children Must Live
Tabor School
we educate the poorest children in the biggest African slum
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Общее фото детей приюта
Dimitry Donskoy's Children's Shelter (Moscow Region, Russia)
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Children's Shelter "Ray of Hope" (Moscow Region, Russia)
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Детский приют в Коломне
Euphrosyne of Moscow's Children's Shelter (Kolomna, Russia)
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Девочки детского приюта в Москве
Children's Shelter "Happy Giving Happiness" (Moscow, Russia)
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Подопечный фонда Жизнь Одна
Russian Charity Foundation "One Life"
The foundation helps children and their families in challenging situations. It provides targeted assistance to social orphans and children from low-income families.
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